Steve Philips

Steve Philips

You may know Steve from his DJing days in the pubs and clubs in Hull... If not you may have heard him on the radio too - he has been on many stations including Viking Radio, Century Radio and more recently on the Magic Network. Steve now presents the late show here on Great Yorkshire Radio.

About Steve...

Where were you born?
Cottingham near Hull

What’s your star sign?
Aries the Ram

What was your favourite subject at school?   

What was your first car? 
A  Mini Van (old style) it was Purple with a Black roof 

What’s your favourite colour?  

What’s your lucky number? 
5 and 7

What’s your favourite meal? 
Christmas dinner with all the trimmings

What’s great about North Yorkshire & beyond? 

The History The views The People and the  Yorkshire Puddings