People planning a trip along the A64 over the next couple of months should be aware that there will be three full weekend closures coming up to provide an improved road surface for drivers.


To carry out the road reconstruction, workers will be digging up the road to depths of between 30cm and 80cm in order to replace the concrete base which makes up the foundation of the road. Due to the depth of the repair that is needed this work can’t be done using lane or overnight closures.

Highways England project manager Chris Dunn said:

“We understand that closing the A64 for three weekends will cause disruption for motorists. We have looked at other ways to carry out this work but due to the depth of the repairs needed we need to close the road for the safety of drivers and the workforce.

“We have tried to work around major local events we are aware of such as the Pickering War Weekend and school holidays whilst also avoiding the summer months when we know traffic levels are at their peak along the A64.

“While we have it closed we are planning to carry out as much work as possible such as renewing road marking, vegetation clearance and grass cutting to minimise any closures going forward. I would advise drivers to plan their journeys in advance and allow extra time during these closures accordingly.”

To begin with there will be a closure of the Musley Bank eastbound exit slip road from 8pm on Friday 12 October until 6am on Monday 15 October. The three weekend closures of the A64 will take place from 8pm on Friday 19 October until 6am on Monday 22 October and then from 8pm on Friday 9 November until 6am on Monday 12 November and from 8pm on Friday 16 November until 6am on Monday 19 November. Clearly signed diversions containing the Highways England logo will be in place.

Associated minor work has already started on Monday 17 September. Work is expected to be completed this winter.

Highways England is currently carrying out feasibility and design work for safety improvements at Crambeck. This includes pedestrian refuges, signage and we are at the early stages of considering average speed cameras at locations along the A64.

Construction of the safety improvements is planned to start in 2019.