Could the one millionth registrant be in the Ryedale area?


As collective switching turns five years old nearly one million registrants have joined across the UK. To mark this milestone the one millionth UK registrant will be given one year’s free energy.

For several years, the Council has been offering residents a collective switching scheme for energy. This gives residents the opportunity to group together and use the combined buying power to access energy supply contracts which they may not be able to on their own. The Council has partnered with iChoosr, the UK’s leading expert in collective energy switching, and together are able to deliver bespoke and highly competitive tariffs.

To date 433 residents in Ryedale have signed up for the collective switching and saved an average of £207.37 each. This represents an impressive £33,800.95.

The last successful auction took place on 22 May and more than 24,000 people took part. Residents can continue to register until 26 June (offline) and 3 July (online) to take advantage of the deal. Registration is free and without obligation online at Choices4Energy or contact the Choices4Energy Team on 01723 232532.

Local resident, Margaret Cappleman has taken part in several collective switches and had this to say “I have used this service for the past 3 years and always found it excellent and hassle free. I hope to use it again in 2018”.

Councillor Luke Ives, Chairman of Ryedale District Council’s Policy and Resources Committee commented “Thousands of households in Ryedale are stuck on default tariffs, which are often hundreds of pounds higher than the best value rates. What’s worse, it’s older people or those on low incomes who are most affected. I urge anyone on a default tariff to compare prices and consider using the Council’s collective switch initiative, as it may lead to significant savings.”

George Frost, iChoosr UK Country Manager said; “Nationally, households gathered together by their local Councils have so far saved over £37 million. And half of these switchers tell us they have never switched before or at least not in the last three years. Our surveys also suggest that collective energy switching schemes run by Councils are responsible for diverting more than £17 million of households’ budgets from their energy bill to their local economies. There is currently much talk about the Government enforcing price caps on energy suppliers but households should not be lulled in to believing this means they do not need to act. Only a minority of households will be covered by the caps and even then these fix the highest tariffs – there are still savings to be made by switching.”