A team of trained volunteers that can provide life-saving treatment until an ambulance arrives is now able to be in two different places at the same time thanks to council cash.

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With the help of a grant of  £1,085 from Hambleton District Council’s ‘Making a Difference Fund’, Northallerton First Responders have been able to buy a second ‘kit bag’ and defibrillator which will be stored in a special case made by local charity, Chopsticks  and kept at Sainsbury’s in Northallerton.

“By having an additional kit bag and lockable storage unit we can have another  call sign which allows two people in different areas of the town to log on at the same time potentially doubling the ability to help patients in need, “said David Cundell, Chairman of Northallerton Community First Responders.

“We now have thirteen trained volunteers and with kits at each end of the town we are able to respond within a three to five mile radius of Northallerton. Our role is to help reduce the number of pre- hospital deaths and we are able to assess the patient, use basic life support skills, administer oxygen and in extreme cases perform CPR and use our defibrillator. We are also a great source of reassurance to the patient and relatives and friends awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.”