A group of local artists have launched a new exhibition space in Scarborough in partnership with the Brunswick Shopping Centre.



Local Art Yorkshire brings together artists from across the county and allows them to showcase their work to the public.

Initially launching on Facebook, the group has now grown to over 270 members which has allowed them to expand with the gallery space in the heart of Scarborough

Artists from around the county can join the group and book display space to show their work.

Dave Marsden from the group commented: "Local Art Yorkshire all started as a casual chat with another local artist, Tony Lawrence, and we started out as a group on Facebook.

"Now we have our exhibition space where the public can buy art straight from the artist.

"I hope that we can open another exhibition somewhere else in Yorkshire, so that more members can easily exhibit their art."

The Local Art Yorkshire gallery is open 7 days a week at the Brunswick Shopping Centre.