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Tourism statistics released this week show that the Borough of Scarborough remained one of the most popular places in the country to visit in 2016 with an overall increase in year-on-year tourism spending; great news for the local economy.


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Driven mainly by an increase in tourism day trips, the 6.3 million day trips made to the borough in 2016 generated an additional £244 million in trip expenditure.

Overall, an estimated 1.4 million staying trips were spent in the borough last year, made up of 1.38 million domestic visitor trips and 33,000 by overseas visitors. Staying trips resulted in an estimated 4.3 million visitor nights, 4 million by domestic visitors and nearly 300,000 by those visiting from overseas.   

The total direct expenditure generated by tourism in the borough in 2016 was £553.3 million, an increase of 6% compared to 2015. The figure includes expenditure on goods and services purchased by friends and relatives that visitors stayed with or visited, which can often be overlooked when looking at what income streams contribute to the local visitor economy.

Janet Deacon, Scarborough Borough Council Tourism and Corporate Marketing Manager and Area Director for Welcome to Yorkshire said:

"Once again, the borough’s tourism statistics make for great reading. They demonstrate that the partnership approach we have adopted along the Yorkshire coast with our tourism partners in recent years, where everyone is focussed on providing the best possible visitor experience, is continuing to deliver success.

"One of our major strengths has been a high quality and varied event calendar offering events such as Tour de Yorkshire, which through successful promotion, has really helped to attract regional, national and international visitors. Extensive investment made by the private sector on improving accommodation quality and offering new attractions has also been vital."

Cllr Derek Bastiman, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council added:

"More visitors means greater spend and that’s fantastic news for our area, especially when it comes to employment. The expenditure is estimated to have supported 13,020 full time equivalent jobs last year and if you include part-time and seasonal employment, 17,827 jobs were supported in total, an increase of 3% from 2015, which represents approximately 43% of the borough’s jobs.

"We will continue to explore new ways to attract more visitors, and support our tourism partners to do the same, so that we can ensure the Borough of Scarborough remains at the top of people’s wish list as a great place to visit all year round."