John Harding

John Harding

The self crowned Sunshine Boy of North Yorkshire and beyond is back on North Yorkshire radio. John wakes you up every single weekday morning from 7am with Another Great Yorkshire Breakfast. Set yourself up for a Great day with the latest news, showbiz gossip and what's going on across North Yorkshire and beyond. Find out what your stars are saying with our Star Goddess Janet Sciales. Words of widsom from John too with his "Daily Harding". Guaranteed to make you feel good with all the upbeat music, make sure you start your day with John Harding on Great Yorkshire Radio.

About John...

Where were you born?

What’s your star sign?

What was your favourite subject at school?   

What was your first car?  
Morris Marina

What’s your favourite colour?  

What’s your lucky number? 

What’s your favourite meal? 
Egg & Chips

What’s great about North Yorkshire & beyond? 
You're only minutes away from spectacular countryside.