James Watt

James Watt

James is finally back on North Yorkshire radio where he belongs. He gets you through your workday every weekday morning from 10am on Great Yorkshire Radio. You can also hear him every Saturday night from 5pm on the James Watt Party Disco - a show not to be missed!

About James...

Where were you born?
The wrong side of the Pennines, but moved over to North Yorkshire when I was 4.

What’s your star sign?
Always rising! Aries

What was your favourite subject at school?  
Going home

What was your first car?  
A Suzuki sc100 - it could fit my 2000 records in for gigs just!

What’s your favourite colour? 
Anything bright

What’s your lucky number? 

What’s your favourite meal? 

What’s great about North Yorkshire & beyond? 
The people, the countryside and the vibe!