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Sky News has learnt that Salary Finance, which advances employees’ wages to them, and Oakbrook, a tech-enabled lending platform, are expected to

The Conservative government introduced the cap, which prevents parents from claiming child tax credit or Universal Credit for more than two children

The leading financial regulator hopes that the reforms, due to come into effect on 29 July, will reverse the recent downturn in

Sky News has learnt that G Network, whose investors include Britain’s university lecturers’ pension scheme, is working with bankers to field takeover

Shoppers reported being unable to pay for their groceries and petrol. “I’ve just been turned away at Sainsbury’s as they can’t accept

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded gross domestic product growth of 0.4% in the month following zero growth during April. A

Ofwat declared that it was minded to slash, by a third, the combined increases that the 16 companies had submitted. It left

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) recorded gross domestic product growth of 0.4% in the month, compared to its earlier determination of

Steve Reed, the environment secretary, said he is to meet water bosses and communicate a tougher stance on customer performance and sewage

Those are two of the key points in BP’s 2024 energy outlook published today – which also forecasts that, while global demand

“Tens of thousands” of claims made annually could potentially be affected, the Supreme Court said on Wednesday afternoon. The case was brought

The endorsement/sanction is bolstered by the electoral success of the Green Party and Lib Dems – which both campaigned on green issues

So far £7.3bn in state funds has been allocated so investments can be made “immediately” in areas such as ports, manufacturing and

Rachel Reeves, the new chancellor, laid out earlier this week how the new government plans to achieve this target, equivalent to building

Sky News has learnt that Steve Reed will hold talks with executives from all 16 of the suppliers in England and Wales,

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