July 02, 2022


Two police officers have been killed and five injured after a man allegedly opened fire on them as they tried to investigate a domestic violence complaint.

The Vatican has said it has completed the sale of the luxury London building at the centre of an ongoing corruption trial - after taking an estimated hit of around £120m (€140m).

Countries across Europe broke temperature records in June - with an unprecedented 32.5C (90.5F) reported in the Arctic Circle.

American basketball star Brittney Griner has told a US diplomat she is "keeping the faith" after appearing in a Russian court on cannabis possession charges.

Two women have been arrested after trying to smuggle 109 live animals out of Thailand in their luggage.

Firefighters are battling to contain a forest fire near the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu.

Russian missile attacks on residential buildings near Odesa have killed at least 18 people, including two children.

Russian missile attacks on residential buildings near Odesa have killed at least 19 people, including two children.

A Bulgarian woman, also known as "Cryptoqueen", has been added to the FBI's list of its 10 most-wanted fugitives.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said there "is no reason to change" the One Country, Two Systems arrangement under which Hong Kong is governed, but insisted that the city "must be administered only by patriots".

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