December 11, 2023


Donald Trump has said he will no longer give evidence at his New York civil fraud trial.

Donald Trump has pulled out of giving evidence at his New York civil fraud trial.

The gulf between Israel and the US on one hand, and Arab states and much of the rest of the world on the other, couldn't really be greater.

The children of jailed Iranian activist Narges Mohammadi have accepted this year's Nobel Peace Prize on her behalf at a ceremony in Oslo.

Parts of Australia are facing extreme heat, with temperatures hitting a record-breaking 43.5C (110F) in Sydney.

Russia has become stronger as a result of the conflict in Ukraine - just as it did by defeating Hitler and Napoleon, its foreign minister has claimed.

China and the Philippines are accusing each other of ramming their ships in the South China Sea.

Severe storms and tornadoes have killed at least six people in Tennessee.

Homes and cars village have been seriously damaged and police have told the public to "avoid the area" after a possible tornado hit an Irish village.

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