More slots have been made available for residents to get a symptom-free test at one of three testing sites across the city.

Tests are still available at the University of York, York St John University and the York Leisure Centre- part of the York Stadium Leisure Complex. Residents can now book tests well into April and tests will be available to be booked in at least one of the sites on every day throughout the Easter weekend.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said:

These symptom-free testing sites are a crucial part of our citywide effort to stop the spread of the virus.

"We are hugely grateful to the two universities and Better York for their continued support and to everyone who is getting tested regularly.

“Symptom-free tests are making a difference, identifying cases of the virus early and stopping people from unknowingly spreading it to others.

“With the advances of home testing we are reviewing our testing strategy so in the coming weeks and months it is even easier to get a regular test.

“Appointments at our symptom-free testing sites can be booked online.”

Sharon Stoltz, Director of Public Health said:

1 in 3 cases of Coronavirus has no symptoms. It is crucial that people continue to get tested regularly so we can identify cases quickly and stop the virus from spreading.

“That we have carried out so many tests is testament to the city’s collective efforts and long may that continue.

“We have hope ahead with the next steps of the roadmap and the vaccine rolling out. However, we must keep up our efforts and get tested regularly (even if you have had the vaccine) to protect people across the city.

“By having regular tests and practicing hands, face, space we are all playing a vital role in the city’s fight against Coronavirus.”