Towthorpe Road has been chosen as the preferred site for development of a railway station in Haxby.

At a meeting of the Executive, councillors were asked to consider two potential sites for the new station, Station Road (site 1) or Towthorpe Road (site 2).

Following an evaluation of the two sites, the Executive selected Towthorpe Road as the preferred site. The site presents a strong case for a station in Haxby with a lower deliverability risk, as it can be delivered within the timescales mandated by the Department for Transport. Additionally, the evaluation concluded that nearby residents would be less adversely impacted by the potential development of this site, both during construction and once the station is operational.

This decision will support the progress of the delivery of the station and help the council and partners Network Rail undertake the necessary work ahead of a bid being submitted to Government in 2022.

This will include more detailed design work and advanced site investigations, as well as a revised cost estimate to present to the Department for Transport. The further development work will also include public consultation on the preferred site to ensure any local concerns are understood and addressed in any future planning application.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council, said:

I’m delighted to see significant progress made towards delivering a railway station in Haxby.

“Identifying a preferred site is a major step forwards, as the Towthorpe Road site will help us present the strongest possible case to Government to get the funding which make this project happen.

“Haxby station closed in 1930 and we are now closer than ever to fulfilling a decades long ambition held by local councillors and communities and bring a railway station back to Haxby.”

Councillor Andy D’Agorne, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Transport, said:

A railway station at Haxby would bring many benefits. We know that having more sustainable travel options will reduce traffic levels on the roads and also help those living in the North of the city to travel to areas across the country quickly and sustainably.

“I’m delighted to see that a clear majority of local residents support our ambition to bring a railway station back to Haxby.

“Identifying a preferred site will allow our partners Network Rail to undertake development work and put us in the best possible position to submit a strong bid to Government.”

Stephen Hind, Head of Business Development for Network Rail, said: “

We know how important this project to develop a railway station in Haxby is for people in the community to improve connections to other towns and cities across the region.

“We’re continuing to work closely with City of York Council to make further progress on proposals before the bid is submitted.”

Executive took place on Thursday 9 December. The report is available to view on the council's website and you can watch the meeting back via webcasts.