City of York Council has joined forces with the NSPCC and partners across the city in a new campaign to help parents give their 0-2 year olds the best start in life.

‘Look Say Sing Play’ provides tips and hints on how parents and carers can help develop their child’s brain and strengthen their bond with them.

The NSPCC’s campaign is based on extensive research which shows that every time parents talk, sing or play with their baby, they're not just bonding, but also building the child’s brain connections.

Health and childcare professionals across the city– including midwives, health visitors and childcare practitioners – will share information about the campaign with parents and carers in York to help them get ‘brain building’.

Cllr Ian Cuthbertson, City of York Council’s Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education, City of York Council said:

“We’re really excited to launch this campaign to help support all our parents and carers. Covid has brought additional pressures to those with young children, besides reducing their opportunities to get out and meet other parents.

“The Look Say Sing Play’ campaign gives parents lots of tips and hints on how to incorporate brain-building interactions into the everyday life of babies and young children. The brain connections that are created as a result of these positive interactions help to support language development, and many other essential skills, so it’s never too early to start that building process.”

Helen Westerman, NSPCC campaigns manager, explained:

“The feedback from new parents on our Look, Say, Sing, Play campaign has been really positive, and we’re really pleased to be supporting families across the city.

“It’s about realising that every interaction between you and your baby helps to build their brain, and – importantly – it encourages fun and games with whatever’s lying around the house, rather than expensive toys or gadgets. Mums and dads in York have already told us how much the simple tips and games have helped develop bonds with their little ones, and we’re looking forward to hearing from anyone who is interested in finding out more.”

Health visitors will be sharing flash cards with parents with babies, showing them some of the activities they can do to help support their baby’s brain development.
Health and childcare professionals across the city are also being offered a range of training opportunities through free online seminars, so they can support parents and carers they’re working with.

A team from the City of York Council have also filmed a series of short films to show parents how they can support their baby/toddler at home, available at
Parents can tune in to a live facebook launch to find out more about the campaign. Join the event on Monday 19 October at 10am on