Last night, one of North Yorkshire Police's officers attended the National Police Bravery awards in London after being nominated by the North Yorkshire Police Federation for her bravery.

Year-on-year the Police Federation of England and Wales receive nominations for officers across 43 force areas – officers who have put the safety of others before themselves.

From running into burning buildings, wading into deep waters, tackling armed offenders, being shot at, stabbed, driven at, the list goes on.

Every officer who is recognised at the Police Bravery Awards is an inspiration and their dedication to duty is recognised in the presence of senior officials in government and policing at the awards ceremony.

A total of 93 nominees from the 42 forces in England and Wales were honoured at the postponed 2020 edition of the event – which were held last night (12 October) and celebrated the bravest of the brave in what is its 25th year.

North Yorkshire Police’s nominee, PC Laura Kelly, single-handedly protected families in a busy restaurant from a crazed knife-wielding thief.

PC Kelly, who is pictured here with her partner outside Downing Street, was in pursuit of a suspect armed with a knife when she saw a man matching the description trying to mingle with diners in a Scarborough restaurant.

What happened next was captured on the restaurant’s CCTV system.

Walking casually over to speak to the man – unsure of whether he was the suspect – PC Kelly, who was single-crewed, began to engage him in conversation.

She had begun to take details from the man, not thinking at this stage that he was the perpetrator, when she spotted a blade in his jacket sleeve.

Thinking on her feet, she took a few steps before radioing for assistance. The man then pulled out the knife and started to sway it towards families.

Shouting to order other diners to leave, she put her own safety at risk by moving towards the suspect, pushing furniture in his way and using her PAVA incapacitant spray to create a diversion.

This tactic allowed the last of the diners to safely leave the building.

After a few minutes, she was joined by other officers and the suspect was arrested.

PC Kelly showed the highest level of bravery and potentially risked her safety to ensure members of the public, including several children, did not come to harm.

Congratulations to PC Kelly, and all of the winners and nominees across the country, on their incredible achievements.