International control room week highlights the amazing work of all the staff in control rooms.

North Yorkshire Police’s Force Control Room is based in York and is the heartbeat of the force. It is the first port of call for people who needs police assistance. Daily, our call handlers speak to members of the public in difficult, often tense, and pressurised situations. Our 999 line is for emergencies, our call handlers are trained to obtain and gather information quickly and accurately so control room dispatchers can assess the information and make sure the correct resource is allocated to an incident. The 101 line is for all non-emergency enquiries, call handlers are on hand to take reports of crime and answer the publics police related enquiries.

The week takes place annually to

In 12 months the Force Control room handles the following volumes:-

  • 83,000 x 999 calls per year
  • 171,700 x non- emergency calls per year

The Force Control Room deal with almost 200,000 incidents and crimes per year, of which 30,000 are immediate responses, and 46,000 priority responses where are attended within one hour.

Control Room Manager, Jane Larkin said “I am pleased to align our control room in North Yorkshire with staff in control rooms around the globe. As a department we never close, we are committed to delivering the best possible service and this can only happen with the help of our committed staff, to them I am continuously grateful for their dedication.”