Humberside Police have issued a reminder about the dangers of drink driving this festive season.

Lots will be heading out to celebrate the festivities, which, for most people involves having a Christmas tipple or two. The message from them says:

As much as we really want you to have a holly jolly Christmas, it is extremely important that you plan your journey home or ensure you have a designated driver.

You, your family and friends may be excited to hang up your decorations this year but, you may also be hanging up your driving license if you drink and drive. That’s why we are urging innocent passengers, fellow road users and concerned friends not to make any exceptions. Calling a cab and waiting for it may not seem so appealing in this colder weather, especially when pubs, clubs and bars are so busy, but this saves lives.

Last year we arrested 129 people on suspicion of drink driving over the festive season, and whilst arrests were relatively low due to the pandemic, 129 is still far too high.

Of those arrested, some were responsible for getting behind the wheel the morning after the night before. Whether you’re staying in or heading out, alcohol can stay in your system for a prolonged period of time the next day, sometimes taking longer than expected.

Sergeant John Rickells said: “This year we have seen the return of night-time economy and I as much as anybody want the people of Humberside to enjoy this Christmas, but without wanting to sound bah humbug, people still need to be sensible.

“Time after time we continue to deal with people who think it’s okay to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol– just because somebody may feel “fine” it does not mean they aren’t over the limit.

“If you are heading out for drinks after work, or are meeting your friends at your local, make sure you aren’t driving home. It really does mean the difference between life or death.

“Yours or your friends one last pint could make it somebody else’s last Christmas - even if you can’t prevent someone from getting behind the wheel, by letting us know we can stop a potential tragedy before it happens.”

“Throughout December the team will be proactively targeting those who think it’s okay to drive whilst under the influence. We will be carrying out roadside testing for drink driving, but also drug driving which can leave the same devastating impact on families.”

If you know of someone driving under the influence or drink or drugs, call us on 999 if it’s happening now.

As a victim of crime you may need further support and information to assist you through the process. You can visit our website for further support by clicking here and downloading a copy of our victim support leaflet.