December 05, 2021

Top holiday destinations revealed as half of people 'already planning' overseas trips next year

October 25, 2021

Despite continued uncertainty over the trajectory of the pandemic, half of people are apparently already planning foreign holidays next year.

Just a day after a major relaxation in travel rules in England, designed to make overseas trips more affordable, survey results suggest plenty already have an eye on 2022.

COVID travel rules - everything you need to know

While around half are planning to go abroad, a fifth of people have already started making bookings.

Even more people (44%) are planning to go on holiday both in the UK and abroad.

The most popular destinations, according to American Express, are:

• Spain

• Greece

• France

• Italy

• US

• Portugal

People expect their holiday to cost £1,567 on average, with a fifth (21%) planning to spend £2,000 or more.

For those who haven't booked, the most common reason is that they're waiting to see how the COVID-19 pandemic progresses over the coming weeks and months.

Domestically, the top UK destinations are Cornwall and Wales.

Of people planning to travel within the UK, 34% said they had enjoyed a trip this year and want to again.

American Express surveyed a total of 2,001 people.

Passengers should continue to check GOV.UK travel guidance to keep up to date with entry requirements into the UK here.

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