May 06, 2021


A Confederate monument has been removed in Georgia with hundreds of onlookers chanting: "Just drop it!"

The recent outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing has been reported to be a European strain, according to Chinese officials who have released information about its genome sequence.

A police officer has been shot and killed and another is seriously injured after making a routine traffic stop in New Zealand.

A judge has extended a restraining order taken out by Billie Eilish against a man who repeatedly visited her home in Los Angeles.

Facebook has removed a campaign advert by Donald Trump and Mike Pence that featured a symbol once used by the Nazis.

Australia is currently the target of a "sophisticated" cyber attack - and an unnamed foreign government is behind it.

A US airline has banned a man who refused to wear a face mask on one of its flights.

The US president must have been speaking for himself when he claimed "nobody had ever heard of it" - as Juneteenth has been celebrated every 19 June for over 150 years.

The half-brother of Robert Fuller, a black man found hanged in a California park, has been shot dead by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies.

German prosecutors have charged a Russian man with murder and accused Moscow of ordering the killing.

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