May 06, 2021


The Indian army says 20 of its soldiers have been in killed in border clashes with Chinese troops.

Donald Trump has signed an executive order restricting the use of police chokeholds.

Under-20s are half as likely to catch COVID-19 as over-20s, making school closures less effective at stopping the spread of the virus, a new scientific study has found.

Nelson Mandela "would have admired" the Black Lives Matter protests across the world, the former South African leader's grandson has told Sky News.

Flushing the toilet can create an aerosol cloud of coronavirus droplets more than a metre high which can be inhaled by others, spreading the infection, new research warns.

A man has been shot in the US as an armed civilian group clashed with protesters trying to take down a statue of a Spanish conquistador.

Chinese officials have imposed a travel ban in Beijing to stop the spread of a fresh coronavirus outbreak in the capital city.

Walk along the beach front in Playa de Palma this morning and some of the bustle is back.

At least three Indian soldiers have been killed in a "violent face-off" with Chinese troops along the border between the two countries.

Police reinforcements have been sent into the French city of Dijon after a fourth night of clashes between rival gangs.

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