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Jonathan Ashworth calls on new Leicester South MP to explain ‘dealings’ with man charged with terror offences

Leicestershire Police confirmed on Wednesday that Majid Novsarka – known as Majid Freeman – was facing allegations of encouragement of terrorism and supporting a proscribed organisation, and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court later this month.

Novsarka, who is from Leicester, was a staunch advocate for Shockat Adam, who won the seat of Leicester South in last week’s general election, ousting Labour’s then shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth from the constituency by 979 votes.

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Novsarka has posted numerous messages in support of the new MP, including saying “the best man won” after the vote.

Meanwhile, Mr Adam tweeted a video of Novsarka questioning Mr Ashworth on the campaign trail over his position on the war in Gaza, writing: “Politics is all about answering difficult questions – if you can’t stand the heat…”

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Ashworth said his successor had “serious questions to answer about his association with this individual”.

Mr Ashworth added: “The safety of the people of Leicester must always come first.

“Decent minded people across Leicester will expect their new MP to publicly and without equivocation provide a full account of all his dealings with this individual in the campaign.”

Sky News has contacted Mr Adam for a response.

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