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Kyle Clifford’s brother, Bradley, is convicted murderer serving life sentence

Bradley Clifford, 30, is the older brother of Kyle Clifford, 26, who was found in Enfield, north London, on Wednesday after a massive manhunt.

The search was sparked after Carol Hunt – the wife of racing commentator John Hunt – and their two daughters Hannah and Louise were killed at their home in Bushey.

Six years ago, Bradley Clifford was handed a life sentence at the Old Bailey for killing an 18-year-old who smashed a bottle on his “prized” red Mustang in 2017.

Bradley Clifford ploughed into Jahshua Francis, 19, who was riding a moped, and his pillion passenger Sobhan Khan, 18.

He drunkenly chased their scooter through Enfield at nearly double the speed limit, on the wrong side of the road.

The two teenagers were flung into the air when he hit them. While Mr Francis escaped serious injury by “pure chance”, Mr Khan was gravely injured.

In an “intense rage”, Bradley Clifford continued the attack as he lay on the street, punching him hard nine times, the Old Bailey heard.

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Before the killing, Bradley Clifford had threatened to put a knife down the throats and “rain hell” on anyone who interfered with his Mustang in a WhatsApp message to his girlfriend.

He was found guilty of murdering Mr Khan and attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm with intent on Mr Francis.

During sentencing in 2018, judge Sarah Munro QC told Bradley Clifford he clearly regarded his Ford Mustang as a “status symbol which he took pride in”.

She said: “The two young teenagers who got on to the moped did not know how enraged you were or what you were capable of.

“Had they seen the WhatsApp message they would not have been misguided enough to throw a bottle at your car.

“You decided that those on that moped had to pay the price, and you pursued them intent that they did.”

He was handed a life sentence with a minimum term of 23 years for murdering Mr Khan and seven years for the attack on Mr Francis, to run concurrently.

Kyle Clifford is currently receiving medical attention after being found in Lavender Hill Cemetery in Enfield.

Police said he was found injured and that no shots were fired by officers.

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